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Handcrafted Beauty


Pilialoha is a local Hawaiian saying meaning “To Be in a Bond of Love’. Every floral occasion symbolizes its’ unique form of love –proposal, wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, expressing gratitude or simply spreading happiness to someone

At Pilialoha I preserve your fresh flowers with high level of tender and care, turning your flowers into an everlasting piece that will always remind you of your fond memories.

100% hand-made, with each and every bloom going through a very delicate preserving and repairing process, so to bring it back to its best color and shape

Each design is customized to be in tune with the style of your occasion and bouquet 


Frame along with your memorabilia like an invitation card, wedding picture, veil, wedding favor or other items that mean a lot to you!


No man-made coloring or chemicals are added to the process, it is all originating from your bouquet of fresh flowers.

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From Corporate Executive to Flower Lover

My passion for floral preservation started after I got married. I didn’t preserve my own wedding bouquet back then, and now every time when I look back at the wedding pictures, I just feel a small piece of the day is missing, it’s such a pity to the most wonderful memory in my life.


Then the idea struck me, I love arranging fresh flowers and I wanted to make flowers last longer, so why not combine both?


Once I started my professional training I just fell in love with preserving flowers! I am amazed by how the natural beauty of flowers can be so nicely retained, even though they are completely dried up.


My professional floral preservation technique is certified by The Institution of Flowers and Greens in Japan, the preservation materials applied are also brought in from the institution to ensure output quality. 

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