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Before the event: I will be in touch to understand your design needs around 2 months before your event. Other inspirational references, such as main flowers of your bouquet, wedding style, color theme, venue decoration concepts will all certainly be welcomed.


On the day: have a friend to help looking after the bouquet when you’re not holding it. Feed the flowers with water by simply placing it into a half-filled vase. If possible, leave the vase in a cool, well-ventilated area with no direct sunlight.


After the event: Same as the above and let the flowers rest up. I would suggest a next-day drop off if you are around LA and surrounding areas. Sending it to me by mail is fine too, please read the following sections on how to best protect the bouquet.  


Your beautiful preserved bouquet will be ready in 10-12 weeks!

Event has already taken place?

No worries! Get in touch and I will see what can be done to best preserve the flowers.

Don't have the bouquet with you anymore?

I can source the right flowers and recreate the bouquet for you. I have done this for a few clients, it certainly is a very special gift to revive some fond memories! Get in touch for details. 

Preservation process 

It will generally take 10-12 weeks to complete the preservation, from design to assembly.

The preservation will start off with disassembling the bouquet into individual bloom for drying. A very fine sand-base material will be applied to dehydrate the flowers completely. Every flowers, down to its petals will be carefully examined and repaired before framing. The finished piece will then be placed into an air-sealed frame that is specially designed for preserved flowers. The whole preservation and assembly processes take over 70 hours to complete.

Customized design

I’ll work closely with you along the way to decide which product best suits what you have in mind. Other inspirational references, such as your wedding style, color theme, main flowers of your bouquet, venue decoration concepts will all certainly be welcomed. No worries if you are not sure where to start, I am happy to offer some suggestions for you too.

Preserved flowers

Condition of the flowers is the key to the preservation quality. To achieve the best effect, the bouquet will have to be preserved the soonest after the event (flowers are pretty exhausted after staying out for a whole day!). I would recommend a next day drop off, or by mail reaching my place no more than 2 days after the occasion.

As there are no coloring and chemicals added to the preservation process, certain flowers and colors (e.g. red, pink, purple) will appear “darker” than its original after dehydration. Depending on the types of flowers used for your bouquet, more will be advised during the preservation stage.


IMPORTANT. Avoid direct sunlight and moist for the preserved flowers to stay in their best shape. Do not open the frame/ jar as they are carefully sealed and cannot be re-sealed by yourself.

Pick up & shipping

We can meet up to take the bouquet or/ and the finished piece within Downtown LA or other surrounding cities. 


You’re welcome to send me the bouquet by mail or/ and taking the finished piece by mail. Returning courier charge is not included in the quotation and will be advised separately. Please take note of the arrival timeframe and the packing guide if the bouquet is to be sent by mail.  

By mail packing guide

Let us know if you would like to send over the bouquet by mail, we have a packing guide available to help the flowers stay safe during the transportation process. 

Pick up & Shipping
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